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これ、まさにこれ、ペーペーのコーダーのくせに、俺の書きたいコード掛けなかったんすわー的な、20倍の生産性だせるんですがー的なsingle coder says  compaiments which he says simple say i cant do what i want to do.very childish idea shit. if they can make not codes only but also implements theirs ideas to launch a business . its  great. but most of them dont do that. they jerk up what he wants only . Indeed they make up codes efficiently .But the business is not cosists of the codes . its infulenced by political or some clients power balance or their financial or technical debt. The 2 million over theme can be handled or processed only by technical terms but also contorled by political or tactial themes.Just nerdy coder dont care or dont know or dont aplied to such a warfields.they cant imagine how its difficult how its make money and how its not  pure .


に対するガチ反論( utter discomplaiment)



俺の書き方の問題で、簡単そうに見えるかもしれません。実際にはかなり大変なことをやっています。大きなひとつのアイデアを決定するために何度打ち合わせ するかわかりません。★アイデアという正解のないものは、網羅的にべつの可能性を追求しないかぎり、確信をもった提案に昇華できないからです。


not easy-way but hard thing its is. to facilitate many ideas and make it tangible is very tough work. facilitation is dealing with the emotion of cient ( even if its not good ).

No correct single answer there . we should end up the meeting and fulfill the ambiguous matter into a concrete plan. we should finalize or imagine the Gap between the clients' ideas

受託開発の現場の怨嗟の声を度々聞きますが、「お客が要件を決められない」「SEが仕様を決められない」なんてあります。オッサン自身が淡々とこな すだけで仕事ができた、なんていうのは新人時代のカンタンな仕事ぐらいしか無いので、相当恵まれた職場だったのじゃあ無いのかな。右も左も分からない、新 人時代の経験で語っているのかもしれませんが。




 ほんとそう、the curse words "the clinet cant make a concrete proposal or SE cant make specification . but its very difficut not like the technical matters.

technical matters are always concrete and visible . work or not work.


yep in SIer ppl are making tough decisicon QTP and its up to the SI