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Japan is now being advanecd in football (not aloof guy but ordinary man can succeed)

Japan was developing country in football word but now being advanecd

1996   Brazil vs Japan  miracle Won 1-0


2011  Brazil vs Japan    lose a close game 2-3



Japnaes economics are going to down and down as u know. And getting elder and elder.

However Japanese football team is always growing up in this 20 years.

(rare successful phenomenon in this 20 yesrs of japan)



Hidetoshi Nakata is only the succesful man  10 years before


f:id:areyoukicking:20140324202351j:plain ← monster japanese (aloof)


Hidetoshi Nakata is ONLY the icon of Japanese football  only10 years before.

He broke through and  took over the big gap between Europa and Asia football. He is talented not in football but also in his literature or language skill (triringual) and his way of life is aloof not like japanese. But now  his figure  was almost  disappeared in good way caz a new generation is building the new japanese football scene.



Now there are variety of successful Japanese football players with their characters


f:id:areyoukicking:20140324202940j:plain   f:id:areyoukicking:20140324202458j:plain            monster japanese (aloof) 

Honda (Milan)          Nagatomo(Intel)

f:id:areyoukicking:20140324202701j:plain  f:id:areyoukicking:20140324202523j:plain         ←ordinary japanese (in a ordinary life)

 Kagawa(ManU)              Okazaki(Gernany)

Now , Honda (in Italy AC.MILAN) is the monster man with globalized view (like Hidetoshi Nakata) and iconic and  other players like Nagatomo (in italy INTEL) has a good character not like usual Japanaese and  Maya Yoshida is being a first successful DF played in England in fruent English not like ordinary Japanese people.

However  other than such talented people Kagawa Shinji / Uchida Atsuto ( a shy guy ) is being succeeded in England and Germany . Hasebe has a good leadership to the Germany guy in the mixed way of Japanese and European.


Many players are succeeded in their ways .


the japanese ourselves dont recognize this unique successful experience


Threre was only one successful case (HIdetoshi Nakata)  before 10years.But today there are many. It means many japnaese expand the range.


This successful kind of trend should  be more paid attention.Japan  has a deeper teammates.


Without monster skill among every genre, like Hidetoshi Nakata , many people are getting succeeded and make us think closer to the World Top Football. Its 

But its only in Football world i think.


I dont know why ? but its a curious topic but the japanese ourselves dont recognize this unique successful experience.. i think.